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Custom Wedding Invitations - The Process

If you're wondering how I take clients through designing their custom wedding invites, this is the place! Each client gets an individualized look and feel to their invitations, based on your wedding vibe, inspiration photos, and one-on-one conversations with me. Although every client is different, the process generally works the same. Let's chat about the process and how we can work together!

1. Tell me about your wedding!

The first thing I do with my lovely brides is to set up a quick Zoom call to talk about their wedding vibe, favorite colors, and dream invitation ideas. I love that the beginning of my process begins with this virtual meeting, no matter where they're located. I get an immediate sense of the bride's vibe, get to know a bit about their love story, and also get ideas of what I can create to make their wedding vision come to life!

2. Let's get you set up with a quote!

After the initial phone call, my team and I create a quote for you based on the package chosen and the day-of items! This step can feel intimidating for couples because other vendors can be kind of secretive about pricing and final quotes. I never understood that! I want to be transparent about pricing and all the value that comes along with each custom package. The invites are an investment in creating custom artwork you'll cherish lifelong. I encourage my couples to think of their wedding stationery as a way to have personalized artwork to add to their homes! We design each item specific to you and your love story, and the whole Spindles Design Co. team takes pride in making the process easy and seamless for you!

3. Let's get the ball rolling!

Once my brides approve the quote and package, we set up a design call! This is my absolute FAVORITE meeting :) We video chat, dive into all the fun details about their day, and I can sketch out ideas in real-time, and get feedback immediately. We talk about their inspirations, color schemes, design elements, and "must-have" artwork items to include, etc. From that meeting, I sketch out the final concepts to get approved before painting!

4. Let's get to work!

This is where all the artwork happens, the part of the process where I make all the final paintings and design elements to include in the suite! Everything I draw and paint is approved by my brides, and I often get carried away coming up with additional color options and design tweaks as I go through my process. At this stage, we get feedback from the couple, try out different design combos, and finally find the perfect design to move forward with. This makes it fun for both me and the client, they are involved throughout the whole process.

5. Let's get your Custom Wedding Suite to you!

Once all the products are back from the printers, we carefully assemble each invitation, add envelope liners, and do any calligraphy addressing before packaging up and shipping it out to the couple! We spend a lot of time and care assembling these packages, including picking out the perfect collection of items for their Styling Kit. I love the reactions that my couples have when they see their personalized products! Their reactions are the reason I do what I do :)

It is my pleasure working with every one of my clients. I love to be apart of their special day and to help make their wedding as unique as they are. Scroll down to see some handmade suites in progress.

And if you're ready to get your own Custom Wedding Invitations, fill out our contact form here to get started!


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