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Courtney Larsen is a multi-disciplinary artist 
specializing in creating statement murals that are 
memorable and inviting. 

Courtney has a Bachelors in Fine Art from Arizona State 
University, and has been a full-time working artist since 2015 as the lead artist and CEO of Spindles Design Co. She has worked with incredible clients over the years, including The White Sox, Arizona Biltmore Resort, 
True North Studios, and Fox Restaurant Concepts 
to name a few. 

Her murals make for incredible photo backdrops and highly shareable social media content. Several of Courtney’s murals have gone viral on TikTok and 
Instagram, and social media influencers come from all over to stay at the rental houses with these murals. 

If you're looking for an eye-catching mural, head to our MURALS page to fill out the contact form!

For all other project inquiries, please email

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