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A Very Vegas Elopement!!

We all know the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" UNLESS you're talking about LOVE!

This amazing couple decided what better place to celebrate their fun, adventurous spirits, and crazy love story than in Las Vegas, Nevada. And I couldn't have had more fun with their theme!

They didn't want a traditional or elaborate wedding invitation suite, but they did want something to remind them of their incredible wedding day and that is where I came in. The Spindles Elopement Package was the perfect fit for this couple, and you KNOW I love making some out of the box designs!

This awesome package provides the couple with all the personalized and custom keepsakes they could dream of without actually having to send out a million physical invitations! I loved creating their wedding announcements and envelope liners. Honestly, their color scheme is just to die for.

This couple was the absolute coolest, and we ended up incorporating some inspiration from their tattoos, various Vegas "landmarks," and just a general vibe of over-the-top WILD! I love that I was able to be apart of this incredible couples day and give them a personalized reminder of their AWESOME and very Vegas elopement!

Scroll down to see their Grunge Glam Invitations and some photos from their big day!

Here's what our digital mock-up looked liked before we got these babies printed!

NOW! Are you ready to see the rest of this epic wedding?? Started off at The Cromwell Hotel in Vegas, with maybe my favorite wallpaper of all time, and some "Getting Ready" magic with the bride's best friends.

Next up, the boys join the party, and MAN OH MAN did they show up! Are you kidding me with these fun outfits??

Now, let me introduce you to this amazing wedding crew, the girls who made this incredible day possible! All this magic was made by the talented Jane in the Woods crew, Jane on photos, Kelsey planning every fantastic detail, and Lindsay on hair and makeup.

Finally, the party headed to the famous Little Vegas Chapel! Obviously, Elvis was officiating the whole thing :) And apparently putting on a very good show!

And finally, this sweet moment at In-n-Out for the perfect end to an unbelievably awesome Vegas wedding!

Eloping and want a stunning custom suite to commemorate your day? Check out our new Elopement Package here, and message us here if you're ready to take the plunge :)


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